Adrian Peterson’s Son is Dead

Peterson’s son abused to death by the boyfriend of his mother. I would not have been able to contain my fury and anger. Adrian even did an interview and was able to keep has calm and somehow show a smile during this interview. Respect to this man. I would be in jail already! Thoughts and Prayers for Adrian Peterson

New Sunday HipHop/Urban Party?

A gentleman by the name of Village @villagev8 on twitter is starting a new sunday urban party at the RAVEN. The Raven will be a high end hiphop sunday party. The ‘riffraff’ will be left outside and it will be a “high end” hiphop party I am hearing. Village was once part of the Sunday night party at PinkElephant. I will go check it out this sunday and let you know how it is!

Collecting table commission is one of the most difficult things to do ever!

Promoters main jobs are to bring hot girls and guys that spend money. When promoters sell a table they usually get 10% commission. Recently it has been getting more and more difficult to collect these commissions. Managers and clubs may be feeling the pains of Nightlife table sales slowing? Are there too many A list clubs opening now? I dont know i just know its getting more and more difficult to collect :(

My New Instagram @TheTroyReport1

Due to a stupid girl my instagram account was deleted lots of memories gone and lots of friends now i have to find them all over again :( whatever!!!!! Cant knock me down!!

@thetroyreport1 on insta and @thetroyreport on twitter!!!

Choosing a Real Estate Company to Park your License

So i have a few questions with regards to the optimal choice for parking your license as a real estate agent. Obviously, it all depends on your mission or goals. Right now I promote nightclubs seven nights a week and i am looking to start getting sales clients from people i meet in the clubs. Looking to take it slow step by step and not really have a manager breathing down my neck everyday on any deals i closed because right now promoting 7 nights a week is a full time career. However, I am 26 now and it wouldnt be cool to be a full time promoter 30+ years of age. I will still probably promote but i dont want to be dependent on that income to survive lol.


I am calling out all promoters to officially start calling out girls and guys who come to a complimentary promoter dinner and LEAVE THE DINNER and not join for respective nightclub afterwards

It’s ridiculous the excuses are amazing OMG MY DOG IS SICK, my mom told me I have to go home, I AM NOT FEELING TOO GOOD RIGHT NOW I CAN’T MAKE IT, I don’t like the club you are going too sorry (bitch you Should have thought of that before you came and ate for free). The list goes on and on

Is nightlife a recession proof industry ?

Would you say nightlife is a recession proof industry?

Humans always want to be entertained job or no job recession or no recession so I think you can safely assume that the nightlife industry could be classified as a recession proof industry? Will gladly field any arguments you may have but I promoted through the post 2008 recession and I will admit bottle sales did fall off and venues (some) did close but in general the clubs were at their usual capacity. I am not an owner of any of the clubs so I can’t provide proof however based on what I saw during these periods there was always energy and a full room as usual

Take a look at the beginnings and the life of KIRILLWASHERE

LA CENITA Restaurant

Excited for the new LA CENITA restaurant that will be replacing Abe and Arthurs this coming FALL

Heard the food will be mexican? Am I wrong please correct me if so. Regardless, I fucking love mexican food. So cant wait.

Will there be promoter dinners in existence? I hope so. Also can safely presume the owners will be the same, EMM group.

Tuesdays and Thursdays working at Ainsworth ?

Had a phone call with Evan Rosenberg from Paige Group last week and it sounds like they are expanding their operations. I will be working at Ainsworth Park restaurant Tuesdays and The Ainsworth (26th street) Thursdays going forward so any one ever interested in dinner or just hanging out those days of the week shoot me a message.

Knowing your niche

In life I have come to realize you must always know your niche do what you thrive at best and do not try to be what you are not as you will only fail or you may succeed a little and then fail a little and waste time and then become depressed

Correlating it to promoting? A long time ago I used to TRY TO BE A MODEL PROMOTER? Aka only have models at my table and it was the biggest waste of time

Is Being “paparazzi” a cool job?

I just dropped off my ducati motorbike at the ducati store in tribeca/soho area 6th ave and spring street. Walked around the corner to grab some starbucks and i come across an old face a tall handsome brazilian guy named ALONZO. He may not be known to all of you but he used to hang with Pedro Gaspar (deceased amazing promoter) and another guy named Dev (another old school name many of you may not know. Alonzo disappeared from the nightlife scene for awhile and then recently i have been seeing him alot in the meatpacking and outside hotels alot with two things 1) massive ass camera 2) a sexy ass skinny wheeled bicycle, for some speed racing to other spots when he hears a celebrity will be there or is there.

Spain vs Tahiti

I feel sorry for this TAHITI team. Heard some of the players are delivery boys? One professional player on the team and they are about to play the best soccer team in the world?

Minimum ten goals against Spain Tahiti will receive for sure. My friend darrius cannot wait to see this game he said he is going to have popcorn out and ready to laugh. I enjoy listening to stupid commentator ALEXI LALAS.

Charles Rutenberg Realty

Just had a meeting with real estate brokerage Charles Rutenberg and it went well. Very laid back company with only one office, why? They aren’t breathing down your neck asking you to be in the office closing deals. They have about 500 agents in NYC.

They take less of each agents commission in comparison to other firms in NYC. Met with a guy named Michael barbolla and he was very cool and kept everything transparent about their business.

Out of all the gorgeous women born and raised and have intellect in NYC this is NYC’s rep???

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